Not to Accept Closing Letter, JIS kindergarten Still Operates

Kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) is still operating as usual on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) , because it has not received a closure letter issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) .

It is said Secretary of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Erlinda . ” Operational ( TK ) remain open . Learning still as usual because they have not received the official letter from Kemendikbud , even parents ( students ) have not been told , ” Erlinda said when met at the front of the JIS , Jalan Raya Terogong , Cilandak , South Jakarta , on Tuesday afternoon .

Erlinda added , according to some parents of students who met , they have not received any notification of JIS regarding school closures .

Regarding the closing of kindergarten JIS per 22 April 2014 , Erlinda straightening , closing question is the lack of teaching and learning activities in the area of early childhood level JIS and JIS are not allowed to accept new kindergarten students in the new school year .

Nevertheless , JIS can still hold a teaching and learning activities for the students elsewhere or are homeschooling until the academic year 2013/2014 ended .

" There is no teaching and learning in kindergarten JIS starting today . The options , JIS can coordinate with parents , asking what’s wanted . Might be looking elsewhere or transferred to other schools JIS branch , " said Erlinda .

Erlinda continue , if later JIS has completed all the requirements set up instruments for kindergarten , Directorate General of Early Childhood Education , Non-formal and Informal ( DG PAUDNI ) will consider re- opening of the kindergarten JIS .

" From the instrument , it will be seen whether it will be opened with the same name or with other formats , " he said .

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From the observation , the school hours 07.00 am , seen some 5-6 year olds get into JIS . Seen from the windshield of the children sat . There is also a walk with JIS enter delivered a companion .


Sound Box recapitulation results in Mentawai Opens with Saws Forced

Sound Box recapitulation results in Mentawai Opens with Saws Forced
Recapitulation 2014 Legislative Elections in the Mentawai Islands , West Sumatra is getting hot . Because the District Committee Chairman Central Siberut , Martias none, Chairman of the Commission Mentawai , Andres finally decides sawing box Pileg recapitulation results in district level .

" The results of our consultation with the Election Commission of West Sumatra Province recapitulation is still being done , " said Andres in the presence of witnesses , at the Hotel Turonia , KM 4 , Tuapeijat Mentawai , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

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However , some candidates and witness the protest action . One of these candidates from Golkar Party , Kortanius Sabeleake .

" It should have been the task of the KDP , if this is still being done KDP what works , if something goes wrong who is responsible , the Commission Mentawai it is not , " said Kortanius .

Even so , the Commission Mentawai still not budge . Election Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee then ask the opinion of the witness . After the witness box to agree finally locked recapitulation result was forced open by using a hacksaw by members of the Commission .

When the Commission opened the box recapitulation of the results , it turns out the contents of a sealed letter recapitulation province has been tampered with . ” This is proof that the seal has been torn envelope condition , ” said Andres .

After a recapitulation of Parliament cleared was the number of voters who go to the DPT is not the same , even more than the number of voters DPT . Due to the chaotic conditions , eventually Chairman of the Commission of the Mentawai menskros session at 17:00 pm until 18:00 pm .

While previously , recapitulation in the District of South Pagai also problematic . Flipchart paper contains the results of the election number appears crossed with the type of x and form to recap the province in the village and Sinakak Makalo no . ” Finally rekapnya no , ” said the chairman of the KDP South Pagai , Manahan .

Meanwhile , Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Mentawai , Syamsir Ali said , KDP Central Siberut should be present in the recapitulation because it has become the responsibility of the concerned . ” There must be something wrong there is certainly less in the know head of the KDP , if there is one-one number he may fix , the dibetulin signed, initialed , ” he said .

He also reminded the Commission Mentawai , so recapitulation district temporarily suspended until the matter is completed . ” Because it had reached responsibility KPU KPU yes . If there is an objection from the party that submitted the form Convey Election Commission , ” he said .


Tmoney, Multi Trip Refill Card Commuter Line of Mobile

Successful support services eTicketing Jakarta PT Kereta Commuter ( KCJ ) , Telkom Indonesia introduced TMoney . It is a new service that will allow users commuter line train services in Jakarta, top up or charge card.

” After the success of e - ticketing helps prepare KCJ and continued with vending machines for TopUp , ” said Executive General Manager convergen Solution Division , Achmad Sugiarto . In this case , Telkom introduced TMoney applications .

This application is called Anto will provide convenience for all users of smart phones to perform multi- trip card recharge ( KMT ) . TMoney application can be downloaded for free on google play .

After installing the application Tmoney through google play , smart phone users can do with a number of options KMT TopUp value ( denom ) is desired , simply click on the menu TopUp KCJ then Charge 16 -digit card number and denom KCJ desired , then the balance charging Multi Trip completed .

Furthermore, the card holder to confirm in vending machines in the station area Commuterline . For each transaction TopUp KMT , the customer is charged according KCJ rate of Rp . 2,500 per transaction .

Since the e - ticketing was inaugurated on July 1, 2013 all service users of electric train ( KRL ) using Jabodetabek KRL electronic tickets for travel . With electronic ticketing and fare system is progressive , service users now only need to pay according to the distance journey .

There are two types of electronic tickets are available for service users , namely Multi Card Trip ( KMT ) or subscription tickets that uses cutting system balances each trip , and secured Daily Ticket ( THB ) or tickets for one time use . By using the KMT has a minimum balance of Rp 7,000 ( seven thousand dollars) service users no longer need to queue at the counter every time they take a trip .

Until now , e - ticketing Jabodetabek KRL has already reached 600,000 transactions daily . Of this amount , approximately 55 percent of its is user KMT .

President Director of PT KCJ , Tri Handoyo , stating that the next function ticket vending machines for transaction KRL will continue to be developed . ” The service user will also be able to reload balances and purchase a new ticket for the KMT or THB through vending machines by using cash , ” he said .

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To top up the KMT , PT KCJ with three telecommunications provider PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk . ( TELKOM ) , PT XL Axiata Tbk . ( XL ) and PT Indosat Tbk . ( Indosat ) , cooperation is expected to increase the use of the KMT on KRL trip .


PKB : Islamic Axis worries, Can Only Dismissed

PKB DPP chairman Marwan Jafar dubious new shaft which is a combination of parties can be realized based Muslims . Currently each political party already has a candidate or coalition each direction making it difficult to put together .

"Undecided new shaft , the political reality is that there are doubts that even tends to upset . If upset , could have been disbanded . Coalition PPP already ahead . PAN , PKS already have a candidate . PKB also has a candidate . To unify is really very heavy or upset , "said Marwan in Sindo Trijaya polemic discussion ’ New Axle Undecided ’ at Warung Daun , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

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Marwan also doubt the sincerity of Islamic political parties when later united . It could be that only a union of maneuver in the interest of each party .

" Islamic political parties can not unite . What is this very sincerely to wake up the nation or political banana kick to support a particular candidate ? Hopefully meeting sincere , but there is also a certain agenda , " he said .

According to Marwan , there are some constraints when Islamic parties would form a coalition . There is a financial problem because of the presidential need enormous funds . There is also the problem of high character elektabilitasnya less .

" There is no Islamic authority that could rival nationalists . Pessimistic but that we do not need to look , time is tight . Electability To boost will be difficult , " he said .

Marwan also considers the Islamic - nationalist dichotomy is no longer relevant . ” In nationalist , Muslim capresnya all . Muslims as a spirit , not a formalistic Islam . Indonesian All that ‘s like . Dichotomy of Muslim - non-Muslim is no longer relevant , ” he concluded .


Luwak coffee Kendal , Original Taste of Indonesia

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia is often referred to as the best coffee in the world . Even a show when talk show host Oprah Winfrey is world renowned in the lifting of U.S. show ‘Oprah Winfrey Show ’ complete with the story of the creation of a concoction of coffee .

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Civet coffee process begins with the red cherry fruit are eaten by animals Luwak . Furthermore fermented in the animal’s stomach and from coffee beans that have been fermented naturally and then processed in the traditional way hygienic , then created a coffee flavor that is second to none , and of course expensive and world class .

But , of course, Oprah Winfrey never thought that the coffee they drink is not as sweet and senikmat fate Luwak coffee artisans especially in Kendal . One of them is Yoga Basuki ( 40 ) or more familiarly called Mas Aan , villagers Subdistrict Kalibogor Sukorejo , Kendal regency , Central Java .

It’s been three years Aan manage civet coffee is the original , pure and not mixed with instant coffee and regular coffee and coffee actually comes from fermentation in the nocturnal animal body . He learned from nature , he tried to make the approaching captivity Civet way of life in the wild , it could be said this is the only one in captivity Civet Kendal .

According to be able to successfully maintain and menangkarkan Luwak Civet coffee producing good is first based on a sincere desire to love animals , it is not exploitation in the sense not only make a profit regardless of the animal ‘s health and way of life , there is no torture and regulated diet .

" If luwak healthy fat and then fermenting the resulting coffee will be perfect , make perfect fermentation acid contained in coffee naturally eclipsed by enzymes in the body protolitik Luwak " , said Aan .

Aan can guarantee the authenticity and purity of Luwak coffee is produced by the farm . ” The principle is that I want to restore the image of Indonesian Civet coffee is coffee and original quality of the natural fermentation of the Java programming language , not mix with other coffee ” he said .

To that end , Aan actively providing extension support to farmers movement Luwak prohibit hunting in the wild . He also urged the farmers to preserve rare coffee grown ancestors Kendal residents are already hundreds of years old .

Aan hope no government interest in coffee Luwaknya product development . During this time he saw the local government is less enthusiastic about promoting potential Kendal coffee .

" Though this is a genuine product Kendal , until later if there are other areas or other countries such as Malaysia Kopi Luwak patented , then we scramble , " he said .


The poems Fadli Zon Considered as a Political Attack

Poetry submitted by the Vice Chairman of the DPP Gerindra Fadli Zon considered as a tool to attack political opponents . The poems Fadli was considered not fit the facts and categorized as an attempt to deceive the public .

" His poetry was attacked by blindly and without any solid evidence , " said a political observer , Fadjroel Rahman , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Fadjroel added , Fadli should make poetry more in accordance with facts and solid evidence . Without this, the judge Fadjroel Fadli want to lie to the public for political interest group .

"Unethical poem , all without evidence . Public deception to discredit political opponents , " he said .

Separately , a political analyst from the University of Indonesia , Arbi Sanit , said that Fadl poems fall into the category of political attack . In this context , Arbi considers Fadli not need to strengthen his poem with concrete evidence because the important thing is the message Fadli able to be understood by the public . Arbi is also considered very reasonable political attacks ahead of elections . The goal is to drop all that into political opponents .

" It was clearly a political attack , there needs to be strengthened by the fact , which is essential to the attack , " he said .

For the fourth time , Fadli poetry political. Latest poem titled ” Raisopopo ” and he read a news conference at the Office of the DPP Gerindra , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) . In the poem , he tells the story of blusukan , puppets , and a dream mirage leaders . Fadli not say who he was referring to in the poem .

The term ” Rapopo ” , which is mentioned at the end of the poem, popular in social media . The word that means ” nothing” was even more popular after Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo , who became the presidential candidate of the PDI - P , say when he attacked political opponents .

Prior to this poem , Fadli never make sharp lyrical poem with the title ” Crocodile Tears ” and ” Poem A Fish ” . Fadli never mention who he mentioned in the poem . Public then link the content of the poem with the PDI-P .

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PDI - P politician , Fachmi Habcyi , never responded with a poem titled ” Leader Without a Horse ” . Fadl responded with a poem titled ” farce ” , which contains about someone who did not keep their promises . It returned again by Fachmi through a poem titled ” Rempong ” . When asked about his latest poetry interpretation , Fadli just laughed . “The poems I interpret my own , ” he said .


Leaders in the Face of Mass Media, Convey Jokowi Vision mission

Presidential candidate who carried the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDIP ) , Joko Widodo attend a meeting with the Chief Editor Forum ( Editor in Chief ) in the mass media Horapa Restaurant , Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) . In the event, Jokowi reveals a picture of their vision and mission in the field of agriculture .

According to Jokowi , Indonesian policy should focus on agriculture. He said Indonesia has a huge potential in the sector . Unfortunately , the tremendous potential that is not supported by government policy .

" The failure we are not dare to declare that we should be a country farm . If we had dared to declare , should all HR and resources in that direction , " said Jokowi .

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Jokowi said , all companies engaged in agriculture should be given a bigger budget than other companies . Then , research in agriculture should also be maximized to bring superior varieties .


First Quarter 2014 Bank Mutiara Rp 12.1 Billion Profit

Having successfully restructured a number of relics of the old management of problem loans Century Bank, a bank which is now called Bank Mutiara managed to earn a profit of Rp 12.1 billion in the first quarter of this year.

The results of the restructuring of non-performing loans acquired in the first quarter of 2014 to reach Rp 135.8 billion, and recorded as revenue.
In a statement released Tuesday (15/4), the success of the process of restructuring a bank’s non-performing loans, obtained through various efforts.

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Starting from the efforts of the debtor in order to pay some debts repayments, sales of repossessed assets, and billing the debtor delete books.

"The successful completion of the debt restructuring in a number of troubled borrowers this is a testament to the commitment and seriousness in improving the management and performance of the bank’s health, to support the divestment program is being conducted shareholders namely the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS)," said Rohan Hafas, Corporate Secretary of Bank Mutiara.

With the payment of this obligation, the healthier the bank’s condition. Reflected in the ratio of non-performing loans or non-performing loan (NPL) in the first quarter of 2014 by 3.6%.

Similarly, the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) of 14.06%, which is in conformity with the provisions of the Indonesian banking industry regulators.
Overall, during the first quarter of 2014, the bank’s recorded total assets of Rp 13.4 trillion to Rp 11.2 trillion in deposits, loans of Rp 10.2 trillion to Rp 1.4 trillion in equity.
"The bank management with a focus on managing the bank put forward the principle of prudence and the resolution of problem loans. We are optimistic that the problem loans can be resolved well and contribute positively to the bank’s performance this year, "added Rohan.

On the other hand, the value of debt payments the debtor made equivalent to 12.9% of total non-performing loans of Rp 1,015 trillion, which weighed on Pearl Bank in late last year.

Rohan detailing, a relic of the former debtor Legacy Bank Century mortgage payment like: Selalang Prima International, Polymer Spectrum Sentosa, Rhythm Trio, Acacia and Light Adiputra Prima Sentosa, with a total payment of Rp 110.7 billion.

While the rest of Rp 20.8 billion came from retail borrowers.
Other receipts derived from the sale of repossessed assets of Rp 2.2 billion and proceeds from the debtor remove a book collection of Rp 2.1 billion.
Total revenue from the settlement of non-performing loans until the first quarter of 2014 amounted to Rp 135.8 billion. This success encourages improved performance as reflected in the company’s first quarter 2014 profit of Rp 12.1 billion.
Nevertheless, there are a number of other debtors former Legacy Bank Century relic that has not been acting in good faith to pay its obligations.
A number of these companies include Tranka Cables, Chess Manungal work, Ideological Center, Millienium Anugerah Sakti, and Enerindo Resources.
PT Tranka Cable is currently facing bankruptcy proceedings in which the bank’s creditors have become “separatists” (lender who holds the rights to the material guarantees for receivables) that are expected to be eligible after the legal process is completed with optimal loan repayment rate.

Special Enerindo Resources which according to the bank’s holdings in written and visual owned by Alvin (60%), Welliem Pattiapon (40% / Director) and Abubakar Sidik Talaohu (Commissioner) - whose ownership is not related to Robert Tantular - to date yet showed no inclination to pay the loan. The company was judged to be uncooperative and therefore The bank will make the process of bankruptcy.

Lending to PT Enerindo Resources (ex Legacy Bank Century relic) performed long with no proper management, because it is not equipped with collateral in the form of fixed assets.
Most of the guarantees provided in the form of non-fixed assets, consisting of inventory, receivables, and personal guarantees on behalf of the Vishwa Sundaram and Rofik Suhud.


30 Thousand Fooled Fake Antivirus Android Users

About 30 thousand users of Android smartphones fooled by the application on Google Play Store is claimed as a reliable antivirus application . Worse yet , each user is fooled , it has paid for the bogus applications .

Citing PhoneArena , the application called Virus Shield , is the work of developer Deviant Solutions . This antivirus application be the best recommendation with a rating of five stars , positive user comments , and recorded in the list of best paid apps in the Google Play Store .

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Since its launch late last month , the app has been purchased and downloaded by 30 thousand people for U.S. $ 3.99 , in just one week .

In the description , Virus Shield is said to prevent the threat of malicious applications installed on mobile users .

In addition, the virus also claimed Shield will scan any new applications with less battery power , and without advertisements . However , the reality is not like that .

Now , Google has pulled the fake apps from the Google Play Store . Then the customer has paid , also replaced all his money .


Lapindo mudflow Not Tales Cucumber Mas

Suddenly everything changed . The house where we stayed home , the mattress of our dreams , and life taken away instantly when all turned into a sea of mud . Photo : Aji Wihardandi

Awang Harun Satyana , a geologist attributed the Lapindo mudflow with Cucumber Mas folklore . Awang as first hinted Porong area was once a lake of mud . Until there is a presumption of this tragedy natural phenomenon that has long been predicted to happen. He tub folklore Cucumber Mas .

Henri Nurcahyo , an author explains through a book titled ” Engineering tales in the mudflow disaster . ” This book wants to circumvent the efforts of certain circles are trying to lead public opinion to believe that the Lapindo mudflow disaster as something normal .

Why is up there in the mud idiom Cucumber Mas ? According to him , it was thought that Porong first ancient lake mud . Since the days of Airlangga , Porong River was there to cope with mud .

" Now the story has been linked with Cucumber Mas . This appreciation and dramatization giant drowning in a sea of mud . The story so interesting . Giant symbol of rage , golden cucumber as a symbol of the oppressed people , " he said in a book review show on Tuesday ( 08.04.14 ) .

Henri said , the book was written with the idea and printing costs alone . Not circulated to the bookstore , but from association to association . This book contains 11 chapters deep peeling the Lapindo mud and related story with Cucumber Mas . Cucumber Mas fairy tale , he said , has been manipulated to look for the truth of the Lapindo mudflow .

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According to Henri , the fairy tale is not impossible , it could be historical reportage . In interpreting the fabled Cucumber Mas could be interpreted as a major force oppressing the weak . Oppressive giant cucumber . Just a sort of symbol of philosophy should not arbitrarily to the commoners . Because the masses can defeat the giant .

" Symbols of the lake mud into something that has the amazing power to beat the giant . Or it could also mean strong giants do not act arbitrarily to the people , because it will be rewarded by nature . "